Retail business need reliable supply chain and supplier managements system that help the retailer in on time items in store and having partners with retailers.

Our supplier management module is easy to use and extensive supplier relation managements give integrated supplier management system. It will help retailers to appoint new suppliers, generate PO and verify supplier invoice, check the performance of suppliers and also make data driven supplier assessment. It will help you to find the supplier products, prices, price trends, delivery trends and issue arise within the time of relationship.

Function of supplier managements

  • Add new suppliers
  • Modify supplier contact information
  • Create and manage supplier PO
  • Receive supplier Purchase invoice and Material delivery notes
  • make supplier payments
  • Multiple supplier contact information
  • supplier dashboard to check the performance of suppliers
  • One click suppliers statement of account generations
  • supplier inventory check
  • more than 10 reports of suppliers
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