Logistic managements for suppliers is tool that help to find the cost of goods after shipment, for products that procured from international market or supplier sending products from other country or state having different time frame to arrive the item in warehouse and then it will take some more time to placed in store. our logistic managements system will help retail business to make a fast way and preferred mode of selection of shipment as per the requirements of the item need to delivered in store. the comprehensive reports of logistic management also give you detail about the cost per goods after shipment and before shipments.

Function of logistic managements

  • PO wise logistic and shipping detail
  • Shipping status wise information
  • Per products shipping cost checking
  • new shipping partners / appointments
  • configurable shipment mode for the selected suppliers
  • reports of shipment cost and other cost involve in shipments
  • documents managements for shipments
  • legal documents store and archival of the same
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