Multi Store Retail Management and Billing software

Managing multiple store with single HO module and host of feature that help you to make business decision based on the data. our multi store solution is advance retail management software that help you to create a real time synergy for your business and give access to the inventory, performance of any items and also the financial performance of the suppliers and store.

The module is very flexible and having huge scope of customization over our retail management ERP engine.

The technology behind the solution is robust Microsoft platform run by hundred of retail application globally.

Above then the software basic features of merchandise, retail billing you can manage your logistic, finance and marketing initiative from the single software.

The licensing of the software available in 2 way.

1. Cloud licensing - This licensing system give you access to world class application without any capital investment and all features and benefits of standard licensing. apart from the capital saving the cloud development also include all updates and enhancement as free support to cloud customer. you can start with 3 stores and go up to 5800 stores to manage your cloud based retail managements. the billing cycle available in quarterly basis and also available 10% discount for 6 month payments. stores can be added and removed on retail time as per the requirements.

2. Perpetual licensing : if you have available infrastructure or willing to install your application in house, you can opt for perpetual licensing of just retail. this way you have access of all the application in store. the time of implementation and deployment is depend upon the type of infrastructure and special request to our team.

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