Just retail finance module is end to finance managements and account application that give you management reports and compliance based reports of your business.

Vouchers : all vouchers handled in approval basis, so anyone can enter the voucher but it required moderation before impacting the overall accounting. the 2 way checking option for the account and finance help business to minimize its error.

Supported Vouchers are

  • PO wise logistic and shipping detail
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • Sales
  • Sales Return
  • Credit Notes
  • Debit Notes
  • Contra
  • Fixed Assets Vouchers
  • journal
  • capital accounts

compliance reports : all compliance reports as per the selected accounting staandard can be prepaired from the system, by using our accounting system you are ready with all data for managements, shareholders and also for internal audit purpose. tax system - the tax management system is very flexible and configurable as per the selected business, tax location and type of eligible tax compliance. you can also generate several forms as per indian tax regulation requirements.

Several types of tax supports in system are

  • Sales tax / vat
  • Service tax
  • GST
  • Custom and Excise
  • TDS

Balance sheet and profit and Loss account : we provide several format for balance sheet and P&L account for compliance with India GAAP, USGAAP and other standard of accounting.

the regulator required and auditors reports also get generated from the system itself so that the audit detail and issue of accounting can be assess by management team to comply in coming days. the balance and PL account can be on consolidated basis, store wise, location wise, regional office wise and period wise. the consolidated account again come with other extension features that help you to make several other format and detail of accounting as per the requirements.

Custom Reports: Finance module built in reporting system provide several types of custom reporting and report management systems for the company internal use and external use.

Auditor Extension: the auditor extensions is upcoming feature of system when your outside auditor can see and access the data as per permission and change made in the system for any kinds of preparation is not impacted in your main business data. so there is 2 types of data will be get stored 1 for audit purpose where auditors will put their comments on voucher basis, voucher type basis or also put additional remarks. to get a live demo of the accounting format of just retails is just a call away.

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