Fashion Retailing

Fashion and lifestyle is very sensitive retailing where the stock is become obsolete very fast and keeping track of new production and understand the future requirements is one of the matter that help you in return of customer and more margin.

the style manager and fashion by season is some of the special feature with just retail that help the fashion and lifestyle retailers to understand the movements of items and also help them in products planning to placement of merchandise as per the preference of stores and the customer reach of that stores.

a single fashion retail venture who having more than 100 brands and almost 10000 + style easily make a decision on Just in time ( JIT Inventory Planning) to know which store have more potential to sale which kinds of style and capturing more data from customer with demographic and other buying behavior set them right for making a perfect decision on the placement of items in stores.

Fashion retailing solution is also integrated with online retailing and distributing network to make them understand the available stock and movements of the stock very fast.

sales and discount module of fashion retailing is one more special features that give fashion store an opportunity to make the clearance more fast and without much investment in planning and understanding the cost involve in merchandise movement with clearance sales and seasonal sales.

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