Enterprise Retail Management and Billing software

Just retail introduce its retail management software for large retailers, the large retailers alwasy have challange to handle multiple task and facing competition from global business, to become perfect or improve your business to face next challange from market your data management and efficient tool is one key requirements for the successs. just retail working with saeveral retail business and its team of retail consultant understand the precise points of business help our client in making decision that is driven by data and automated improvements of the system and process recommandation. the big challange with large businesss of retail to handle the multi culture, inventory, employeees, cash flow, sales forcasting , season managements, discount and promotion managements, customer loyalty and customer interaction managements, integration of single touch point for customers, changing merchandising and its fulfillments on time and efficiently is some key aspect to look out. we provide comprehensive support and solution from the selection of prefered platform for your business, change managements, data maintenance, support in inventory improvements, just in time inventory, six sigma and other method to improve the profitibility of business. introduction of new category, new store launch and other initative.

Our enterprise retail management team is system integration expert and provide you best hardware, barcode printers, scanners, servers, third party software, data managements, and other required tools to roleout your next stores very fast.

From the production planning to selection of suppliers, introduction of new products, marketing of the products, appointment of franchise, opening of multi channel retail stores and purchase points, setting target customer base, attract customer with loyalty program and special invite to delivery the products over store.

Our enterprise retail solution help you in the way you need to run your business, it help you in the manner that give you advantage of the single system and also help you to track and make proper data insight from retail point of view to competitive view.

Key Module of Enterprise retail Solutions

  • Merchandising

    Planning of store merchandise, selection of suppliers, production and sampling, price and cost managements, order and reorder managements, season information, competition, market analysis, item price history, markup and mark down managements, item survey, placement of item in store and all other function to make a perfect placement of merchandisinge and how to improve sales for the merchandising in question is only task we know how to perform. Explore

  • Marketing

    Retail marketing required promotion and customize marketing as per requirements of retail business format and local competition. to handle the large marketing prromotion while making system and branding very system processed, our marketing module will use as tool to careate and manage campaign and allocate budget, asses the performance and share creative and branding asset with all stakeholders from single source of marketing management module, the process become fast and decision making will lead to high sales in pick days.Explore>

  • Sales
  • Billing
  • Operation Managements
  • Business Managements
  • Business Analytics
  • CRM
  • Suppliers
  • Logistics and shipping managements
  • packaging production managements
  • Finance managements

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