Ecommerce with Integrated Retail Management

Ecommerce is fast growing retail channel and new way to grab customer just by click. managing an ecommerce store with several hundred of merchandise and order is one of the challenge several ecommerce retailers facing. to bring out the innovation in ecommerce retailing we developed a solution that help to start your ecommerce retail business just by clicking.

The ecommerce solution is part of our retail management system and available free of cost to retail with multiple store licensing. we are not offering any plug-in system for third party ecommerce integration. the complete ecommerce engine is developed in house and having more than 150 features that handle all types of requirements and business. the solution is ideal for small ecommerce retailers and multi country multi supplier integrated ecommerce retail portals also.

The billing system and host of payment gateway automated integration make it perfect solution for any type and size of business.

The entire ecommerce solution is developed with key feature of search engine optimization and we follow the Google and other search engine giant for the change in there algorithm to make your page more visible to all types of search engine.

The multi lingual and multi format of retail billing and offering is one feature that you can expect only from just retail.


Let's see the demo of the live store or go to demo stores and experience the new age ecommerce for your prospective business.

Link for demo (admin)

Link for demo (front end)

Link of live store (customers)

The technology platform

The entire solution is developed of Microsoft .net platform and support multiple types of rdbms database. the default recommended database is MSSQl 2008/12.

How to Buy

Register online and select the package from the ecommerce solutions or take a single time license of the application that can be installed on your servers.

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