Make your customer contact strategy by using the available trend of customer purchase behavior, and other personal data available with you. At the time communication with customer you can consider several parameters to personalize the communication with customer and connect with your brands and business. Our tools will help you in grabbing customer insight with collecting data from several sources and then merge it to a single customer contact point.

Our CRM tools are helpful in making data relevant to your business by implement a relevant customer contact strategy and communicate with them regularly. To make the task easier for you, we provide end-to-end communication planning and execution services.

Direct Mail: We help you in direct delivery of mail to your customer and also get our back end support for the direct mail as your back office partner. Create your direct mail campaign management using CRM and marketing module.

End to end Campaign Management: Creation of a complete solution for your campaign management. Sourcing and vendor management for campaigns, Selection of reliable vendors for printing and delivery of your campaign material.

Creative managements: The task to manage creative in localize format and even then intact your brand value is big task due to several partners and localize sourcing of resources for creative's. several agencies working hand to hand for new creative lead to high brand mismanagement in micro and macro label. to cut down the cost of creative duplicates.
and also make creative assent accessible to everyone, our CRM solution provide you tools to make your creative easily accessible and approval of creative very fast and easy. Creatively plan out the format and design aspects of your mailers or any other campaign so as to make them appealing to your customers.

Media Management Services

We help you in managing all your In-Store Retail Media by creating consistent revenue streams through sale of advertising space and also by highlighting messages to your customers.

Coordinate the sale of advertising space: Assistance in coordinating sale of advertising spaces across different channels such as banner ads, in-store floor graphics, in-store digital media etc.

Plan and manage in-store media campaigns: Advice on when you should advertise and which media you should use. Once you have placed your ads, we measure the change in customers’ in-store behavior.

Measure ROI on in-store advertisements: Study the consequences of advertising expense and the subsequent effect on the in-store purchasing behavior of customers.

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