Sales management module will give you access to real time sales in any store from all locations. just in time sales and cash flow lead to easy managements and quick decision making for any products and promotions.

we provide depth information and store wise sales detail that include category wise sales, top 10 category selling, discount, customer footfall and hard delivery information of the items.

the payment and cash flow page give you bird eye view of your daily collection along with mode of payments. to further extend the depth of collection mode you can even find the credit card type wise payments receive and time and days when more walk in customer coming to your store.

Features of Sales Module

  • Category wise sales
  • Supplier wise sales
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Top 10 Selling item
  • Top 10 Invoice by stores
  • Cash flow
  • Customer Foot fall analysis
  • Item wise sales
  • Sales Vs Inventory
  • Sales Qty Vs Value
  • Cog and COGS
  • Discount and Invoice discount
  • Invoice listing
  • Invoice wise item sales
  • Many reports as per requirements
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