Effective merchandising is the key to maximizing revenue. Just Retail merchandising provides the necessary tools to optimize your product merchandising strategy while at the same time fully integrating with POS billing system and also with ecommerce stores to make available products very fast to all channel of retailing.

Merchandising management module help store owners and managers to manage the entire lifecycle of item. just retail merchandising module help you to manage cost, suppliers, po history, performance of item in selected time range, image bank for items, unlimited category, setting several parameters and price managements system for easy updates of prices. the merchandise module also help you to select the preferred supplier for any products and check the current status of prices.

Single page view of item history will give you several data related to performance of item in particular store and also margin for the products.

it will also provide prices history to see on which price point how many qty is get sold to make your price decision very fast and accurate.


  • Product parent’s catalogue
  • Products master catalogue
  • Products catalogue by regional interest
  • Product catalogue with local purchase
  • Product catalogue by most selling items
  • Category by catalogue
  • Vendor by product catalogue
  • Product master and barcode policy
  • Product price and purchase policy
  • Products managements from the outlets to outlets
  • Lifetime product performance
  • Products wise employee performance
  • Products and item billing policy
  • Cross selling and up selling of products with support
  • Products based marketing setting for preferred customers and local customers
  • Products and catalogue register (outlet wise, period wise and location wise)
  • Rules based Barcode label printing and management


  • Decrease administration costs
  • Reduce system costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce unsold inventory
  • Increase profit margins
  • Reduce out of stocks and overstocks
  • Optimize merchandise mix
  • Generate repeat customers
  • Improve vendor relationships
  • Manage slow moving merchandise
  • Allocate appropriate stock by location
  • Reduce markdown
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